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Dear Assembly District 14 Community Member,

Thank you for empowering me to represent you during the 82nd Legislative Session. You can check out all the bills we that we considered here. As a freshman, I get 6 bills. I was able to pass 5 of my 6 bills, which, according to The Nevada Independent, ranked me as the 2nd most effective legislator behind the Speaker of the Assembly: article here. My 5 bills were bipartisan and solved problems that constituents asked me to take on or were issues I had experienced personally and/or professionally. You can check out more info about each bill here: AB82 to establish World E-Sports Day, which was my constituent bill and young people got involved in the process to make it a law, AB185 for advanced enrollment in school for military dependents when they move to NV, AB212 so that students in higher education can get copies of their transcripts even if they owe a fee to their school, AB256 to remove barriers so more high school students can intern or do work-based learning in the school day & AB241 to end tracking in high schools and make sure all students have access to the college & career readiness diploma. The 6th bill to support Cultural Exchange (J1) teachers did not pass, but I was able to get a study secured for the state to look into this issue and anticipate bringing this bill back if I have the privilege to be voted back by you!

During the session I was also the Chair of the Asian American Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Caucus and helped plan a 120+ person Heritage & Lobby Day. I stuck to my values and brought regular people up to Carson City to see their legislature in action and make sure their voices were heard every single week while the AD14 Youth Committee volunteered in our community monthly while I was up North (all pics here!). At the end of session, I was the Conference Committee Whip. I want you to know I voted against the school discipline bills and the fentanyl bill because of the potential disproportionate consequences on communities like ours in East Las Vegas. I voted for the bill to repeal COVID-19 restrictions on the LV Strip because I believe the pandemic has passed. I voted for the stadium bill because of the union labor jobs, community benefits agreement and revenue-generated funds that will go towards our unhoused crisis. I know housing is the biggest issue on all our minds-- our Legislature passed many laws to fix this crisis, but they were vetoed and not enacted into law: see list here. Know that one did pass AB528 for $100 million in matching funds to build shelters for the unhoused for a total of $200 million. I voted for this bill, but will continue to advocate that the shelters be all around our state and not just in one location like East Las Vegas.

Finally, there is much work to be done. We will not go back to Carson City for the 83rd Legislative Session until 2025 and I am proud to be running again in 2024 in order to represent Assembly District 14. I am running as I know there is much more work to be done and hope I have gained your trust to earn your vote! We are not paid during this time period which is called "the interim" and as a Legislator you're actually only paid the first 60 days of the session though there are 120 days total. However, the needs of Assembly District 14 and East Las Vegas cannot be dictated by government calendars. We will continue to do the work in our community so that Home does mean Nevada. Please see the community events that we completed this fall with the help of the AD14 Youth Committee below. Sign up as a volunteer if you would like to join us-- whether it's a campaign or community event-- we are proud to be out for our community (all dates on the volunteer page)! We would love to have you & check out all pics here.

I believe we will never agree on everything and that was hard for me. I tried my best to stay strong, represent our community and make sure #EastLVPride was brought up in every conversation. I am open to continuing to learn, understanding other points of view and always listening. Reach out any time and about any issue: I'm grateful to be part of our diverse community with you.



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